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Episode 42 – Giving Thanks – A Brand Strategy

giving thanks

Are you “giving thanks” this season with your brand strategy? The Holidays are upon us. Many companies will knee create jerk marketing campaigns that revolve around the Holidays.  And, although there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, far too often these campaigns are NOT within any type of brand strategy.  We see this year after year…

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Episode 41 – Taking a Bite Out of the Oreo Brand

Oreo Brand

Are you familiar with how the oreo brand has remained consistent over the decades? The most recent Oreo commercial sparked a conversation between Kevin, his wife Francie, and her son Drew. The discussion centered around the manipulation of marketing and whether or not it is ethical. Francie exclaimed that she loved the new commercial and…

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Bamlanivimab-a-Ding-Dong … I Can’t Pronounce That!

Bamlanivimab - Branding Tip to Avoid a Bad Name

A potentially life-saving pharmaceutical is being developed called — hang on — Bamlanivimab.  Go ahead. Try to say that ten times, fast.  … Give up? BRANDING TIP:  If you took branding shortcuts and came up with a product name that resulted in THIS video? … Well, you might want to re-think your product naming strategy.…

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Episode 37 – Branding and the Healthcare Industry

healthcare industry

Last episode we discussed the brand changes that Rite Aide is going through and we thought it might be interesting to explore the healthcare industry in general and some trends we see in branding there.  When you are deciding on an archetype is important to consider what other companies in your industry are doing –…

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Episode 36 – A Close Look at Rite Aid’s Rebrand

RiteAid Rebranding

Are you aware of Rite Aid’s Rebrand initiative? Maybe you’ve noticed some new signs and logos going up on storefronts. This is what caught Kevin’s eye in his town a few weeks so we decided to investigate what is going at Rite Aid. When we come across a well-known company that is going through a…

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Episode 35 – What is a Brand Ambassador?

brand ambassador. Corporate name tag that reads hello I am Brand Ambassador

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Brand Ambassador?” A high-level, heavily decorated dignitary? A bartender serving up shots of a new fancy designer liquor to pique your curiosity? Amy envisions a sheriff striding around with a badge that reads BRAND and wielding a very large hat. She almost has Kevin convinced…

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Episode 34 – Personal Branding vs. Corporate Branding

personal branding

A couple of episodes ago we mentioned personal branding. This is a topic worthy of its own episode, so here we are getting personal. People want to know if they should pick an archetype that is close to their personality. This question comes up a lot for solopreneurs or businesses that have a strong spokesperson…

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Episode 33 – Your Brand and That New Car Smell

Your brand

Are you aware of the reputation and “truths” people hold about the industry you work in? Does your brand strategy include ways to manage this, either by using it to your advantage or combatting it? Very few industries have more variations or have reputations that are stronger than car dealerships. Join Kevin and Amy as…

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Episode 22 – Picking an Archetype

Now that we have done an episode on each of the 12 main archetypes, it’s time to decide which archetype relates the most to your business. As you look at the list of archetypes, one or two might jump right out at you and it is very obvious to you which one you are. However,…

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