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The Ruler Archetype


What Does it Mean to Be a Ruler Brand?

The Ruler brand is refined and values the finer things in life. It inspires people to do more, achieve more and create a better life for themselves. The Ruler values rules and order and systems. You will be more successful by just being around them. Ruler brands are typically the best in their class and set industry standards. The Ruler oozes power and dominance.  There is NO mediocrity here.

The Ruler is also known as: Executive, Upper Class, Monarch, King, Czar, Royal, Potentate


The Ruler might be right for you...

  • Does your business set the standards of excellence in your industry?
  • Is your business refined and high achieving?
  • Does your company culture believe rules are important and meant to be followed?
  • Is your brand based on leveraging authority to maintain success ... if, you are #1?
  • Are your products/services differentiated from competitors by providing something that is just simply better because you do things better?
  • Is your market dominance a key to your success?
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be a Ruler!


Be the best!

The Ruler is a leader in its industry. They are the dominant player. People know they are the standard that everyone is measured by. They value order, rules, sophistication, and high-end quality. You will not be disappointed with a Ruler product or service.


My way or the highway!

The Ruler runs the risk of becoming too demanding or full of themselves that people feel like they can’t relate and the products and services become unobtainable. The Ruler needs to strongly inspire without being stifling... without being overwhelming. 


You can do better!

If your competition portrays an everyday, middle of the road, easy going brand, you can stand apart by being better than them. Higher end. In a class all by yourself. The Ruler taps into the emotions of want to do more and be better. Your products and services are simply "just better." 


This is madness!

The Ruler absolutely abhors chaos and loss of power. Everything they do is orderly and precise. If they lose control of this, they feel powerless. The worst thing that can happen would be to lose your place of dominance. Beware of being seen as "power hungry."

Examples of Great Ruler Brands

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