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Dive In


Have your whole team take the
questionnaire. Get insight. IT'S FREE!

Get the Ball Rolling

Strategically getting your entire team on the same page will powerfully help you to remove conflicts you might be experiencing and help you decide the best direction to take.

The Book

Once you pick your archetype, you'll want a process for launching your new strategy!


What does each archetype mean? What are the pros and cons? How do you infuse these ideas into your corporate culture? All this and more!

Your Identity

How you present yourself matters! Your key identity elements (logo, tagline, etc.) need to be in alignment with your brand strategy.

First Impressions

A LOT of people refer to re-branding as a re-vamp of their identity elements: Logo, tagline, fonts, color, etc.  Getting your identity right is critical to your brand success!

Our Blog

We believe in a content-centric approach to marketing. Check out our posts. You'll find them to be informative AND entertaining!

Words, Words

Blog content goes a long way: Demo your expertise, increase search engine traffic, engage your audience, improve brand awareness.

Our Podcast

Listen to Kevin and Amy talk about brand issues, current challenges in marketing, social media and how to implement Brand Archetypes. You'll learn a LOT!

Can You Hear Me Now?

You don't have time to research, read and learn everything that's happening in the world of brand and marketing.  Let Kevin & Amy find the good stuff for you!