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The Innocent Archetype

The Big Idea: Life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Seek simplicity and to be chaos-free.

What Does it Mean to Be an Innocent Brand?

The Innocent brand is all about making things simple, happy, and optimistic. It brings things back to simpler times and offers a breath of fresh air against the competition. Companies who adopt the Innocent brand are straightforward, transparent, and trustworthy. They make people feel positive and produce a feeling of contentment. Strong values are very important to this brand. Removing chaos from life is their ultimate goal.

The Innocent is also known as: The Angel, The Traditionalist, The Purist, or the Idealist.


Several archetypes can be broken into 2 or more sub-archetypes.  The Innocent is one of those. The Sub-Archetypes are:

The Angel Archetype

The Angel

Focuses on simplicity and the removal of chaos.

The Child Archetype

The Child

Focuses on family values and being childlike.

Innocent Archetype

The Innocent might be right for you...

  • Does your business provide happy, simple experiences?
  • Does your business encourage a feeling of contentment?
  • Is your brand based on providing a breath of fresh air?
  • Are your products/services differentiated from competitors by being highly trustworthy, fun, simple and positive?
  • Are your processes simple and chaos-free?
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be an Innocent!


Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

The Innocent brand spreads faith and optimism wherever it goes. People feel happy, rejuvenated and content with this brand. It is simple and easy to understand.  Your customers trust that things will be chaos-free. 


Tech Isn't Easy

Don’t become so simplistic or childlike that people don’t take you seriously.  Some presentations may require a fairly deep dive into techie-jargon, complex explanations and the outlining of nit-picky details.  These approaches don't feel very innocent and can weaken your approach.


A Breath of Fresh Air

The Innocent Brand can be the cheery, easy-to-work-with-company that people feel good about. You use simple, uplifting words and messages that leave people feeling hopeful. If your competition is serious, complicated, or intense, you can be more positive and refreshingly simple.


We Won’t Let You Down!

The worst thing for an Innocent brand is to do something wrong, break trust, or let someone down. It is like a child disappointing a parent. Therefore, trust is very high on your priority list in this brand. You will achieve this trust by staying true to chaos-free simplicity.

Examples of Great Innocent Brands

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