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The Hero Archetype

The Big Idea: Productively, Energetically and Efficiently Save the Day!

The Hero ArchetypeThe Hero brand is truly inspiring.

To be an effective Hero your brand must save the day, ooze confidence, triumph over evil (or at least a really big obstacle), and exude a high level of energy and confidence.

When choosing a brand archetype for your business it is important to also think about the energy level of the archetype you’re trying to embrace. If you are a high energy, get things done now, “GO TEAM!”, WOOO HOOOO!, type of business, then The Hero might be a good pick.


Several archetypes can be broken into 2 or more sub-archetypes.  The Hero is one of those. The Sub-Archetypes are:

The Hero Archetype

The Hero

Focuses on achievement, productivity and winning

The Leader Archetype

The Leader

Focuses on leadership

The Detective Archetype

The Detective

Seeks out Truth

The Avenger Archetype

The Avenger

Avenges those that are wronged. Focuses on Right vs. Wrong

Is Your Business a Hero?

  • Does your business prides itself on helping people solve problems?
  • Are your employees leaders?
  • Are your products/services leadership focused?
  • Does your organization seek out truth and justice of all types?
  • Do your products and services intend to make the world a better place?
  • Does your business takes action quickly and help the underdog?
  • Does your organization pride itself on productivity and efficiency?
  • Is your organization BOLD and energetic?
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be a Hero!
The Hero Archetype


BE the Hero

  • Typical hero brands will embody these positive ideas and brand attributes: Being motivational, self-confident, self-disciplined, competent, courageous, energetic, being a leader, empowered, masterful, being ambitious, focused, able to make tough choices, victorious, youthful, and inspiring.
  • A Hero instills a huge amount of trust and dependability.


Don't Be Wimpy

Hero brands fear: Being perceived as weak, being vulnerable, never being allowed to give up, physical or mental exhaustion and, worst of all, losing.

The negative side of The Hero includes perceptions of; being arrogant, always needing another cause to fight for, always accepting the dare, emotionally forging ahead when logic tells you to take a step back, and burning out.


It CAN happen...

Being “the hero” to your clients/customers.

Going head-to-head and succeeding against less energetic brands (e.g. neighbor, innocent, mother.)


Deliver the Goods!

You may fear being portrayed by others as a failure.  Others may portray you as too gung-ho.  Actions speak louder than words: Perceived success is dependent on the actual success of actions taken.

Examples of Great Hero Brands

Watch Some Great Hero Ads...