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Brand Archetypes BookBecome a Student of Brand Strategy

When we first started offering brand consulting services, there were TONS of books and online resources on the topic, but the subject was, at best, nebulous.  The process of becoming a student of brand strategy was difficult indeed. After over two years of studying the topic, I picked up a book called The Hero and the Outlaw.  The book proposed the concept of using Jungian Archetypes as the basis of building corporate brands.  It's an amazing book and we recommend that you get a copy.  However, it doesn't really offer a step by step process of how to apply these ideas in a practical way for businesses.

We immediately started building our own processes and, after over 14 years of applying these powerful ideas in the real world, we've distilled the process and have outlined EVERYTHING we've learned in one book!

Table of Contents

Prologue: My Discovery of Brand

My Discovery of Brand

Section 1: Understanding Brand

Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: What Brand Is Not

Chapter Three: Elements Of A Great Brand

Chapter Four: Why Brand?

Chapter Five: When Should Brand Be Established?

Chapter Six: How To Create A Brand

Section 2: Discover Your Archetype

Chapter Seven: What Is An Archetype?

Chapter Eight: The Big Ideas

Chapter Nine: The Hero

Chapter Ten: The Neighbor

Chapter Eleven: The Jester

Chapter Twelve: The Guru

Chapter Thirteen: The Magician

Chapter Fourteen: The Mother (Caregiver)


Chapter Fifteen: The Lover

Chapter Sixteen: The Innocent

Chapter Seventeen: The Explorer

Chapter Eighteen: The Artist (Creator)

Chapter Nineteen: The Ruler

Chapter Twenty: The Outlaw

Chapter Twenty-One: Archetype Attributes

Chapter Twenty-Two: Custom Archetypes

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Selection Process

Section 3: Inside Your Business

Chapter Twenty-Four: Embracing Your New Archetype

Chapter Twenty-Five: Building Power

Section 4: A Brand Process

Chapter Twenty-Six: Become A Student Of Brand Strategy

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Documenting Your Brand

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Create A Review Process

Section 5: Wrapping Up

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Your Next Steps