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The Explorer Archetype

The Big Idea: Be ambitious and true to your soul. Seek new vistas ... you are worth it.

What Does it Mean to Be an Explorer Brand?

Others may be resistant to change, but NOT you!  Explorer Archetype brands find fulfilment through discovery and new experiences. They are open-minded, tolerant and always striving for the next best thing or experience. Explorer brands have products that are just as much about the experience as they are about the actual product.

The Explorer provides products, services and experiences to their customers because their customers deserve them. People will be willing to pay a little more for your product or service because it makes them feel special and valued.

If you want your clients to pick your business because they “deserve it," you might be an Explorer brand. If your company is cutting edge, early adopters, and looking for the next best thing--you might be an Explorer.

The Explorer is also known as; the adventurer, pioneer, seeker, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim, trailblazer, and pioneer.



Several archetypes can be broken into 2 or more sub-archetypes.  The Explorer is one of those. The Sub-Archetypes are:

The Explorer Archetype

The Explorer

The Physical Exploration of the World. The Exploration of New Ideas and Experiences

The Servant Archetype

The Butler

Being pampered or catered to because you're worth it.

Explorer Archetype

The Explorer might be right for you...

  • Do your customers feel adventurous, cultured, amazed, alive?
  • Are you customers willing to pay more for your product or services because of how it makes them feel.?If you can hear your customers say, “I have no limits”
  • Are your products and services exciting and daring?
  • Are your product or service of a higher caliber than your competitors?
  • Do people buy your products and service because “they deserve it?”


BE the Explorer

The Explorer is characterized by open-mindedness, tolerance, resourcefulness, vision, and ambition. The Explorer Brand makes people feel amazed, alive, and cultured. It brings out the adventurous side of people and situations. It truly makes people feel like they can achieve anything.


Don't Be Filled With Fear

Overpromising and under delivering. It is important that the Explorer brand maintains the ability to deliver the special experience, cutting edge product, or unique service that it promises – since this the basis of the brand.


Fill Them With Good Vibes

The Explorer brand has a great opportunity to stand out from their competition by finding the ways their products/services are unique and capitalizing on them.



Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.  Of: Conformity, getting trapped, inner emptiness, boredom, stagnating, being paralyzed and immobile, and being limited.

Examples of Great Explorer Brands

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