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Where Will Your Brand Take You?

Step One

Read the book.


Based on the concepts presented in "The Hero and the Outlaw," our book gives you clear explanations and step-by-step guidance on how a powerful brand strategy is created.

Step Two

Your team takes the


Strategically getting your entire team on the same page will powerfully help you to remove conflicts you might be experiencing and help you decide the best direction to take.

Step Three

Take action to
evaluate your brand.


You'll be amazed at your change of perspective. You'll see things done well, but will also find mistakes you never knew you made. 

Step Four

Lather, rinse
and repeat.


Successful brand strategies require continual attention and evaluation. Constant oversight and slight adjustments over time are the hallmarks of all great brands.


Get The Book

Inspired by the work of Margaret Marks and Carol Pearson in their book "The Hero and the Outlaw," this book takes the core concepts of brand archetypes and turns them into actionable steps that YOU can take immediately.  In just a handful of hours, you'll have the ability to take the steps that will launch your company's brand to heights you've only dreamed of.

Behind the Curtain


Amy M. Zander

The Marketing Mobstress. Amy loves words. Big words, small words, nonsense words — all the words. She has spent many years in entrepreneurial ventures including Zeedia Media, a digital marketing agency. Amy delights in crafting the perfect content for each unique situation.  Words Matter!

Michigan State grad – #GoGreenGoWhite

Kevin Lane Skarritt

Kevin Lane Skarritt

Brand buff. Design devotee. Social specialist. Internet enthusiast.
Kevin has 24 years' experience in web development, award-winning design and creating brand strategies for clients world wide.  Ranked by StatSocial as the world's #79 most influential person in social media in 2015.

University of Michigan grad – #GoBlue

Your Brand: Powerful, Consistent, Engaging. Yes, it IS possible!