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Bamlanivimab-a-Ding-Dong … I Can’t Pronounce That!

A potentially life-saving pharmaceutical is being developed called — hang on — Bamlanivimab.  Go ahead. Try to say that ten times, fast.  … Give up?

BRANDING TIP:  If you took branding shortcuts and came up with a product name that resulted in THIS video? … Well, you might want to re-think your product naming strategy.

This is NOT what you want happening to such a potentially important product, at such an important time!

HOWEVER!, keep plugging away at the vaccine development Eli Lilly! We need you to come through on this, BADLY!  (Huge thanks to #FallonTonight for always being soooo flippin’ funny!)

Bamlanivimab - Branding Tip to Avoid a Bad Name


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