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Episode 68 – Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS)

keep it simple

How many times have we been asked (about Brand Archetypes), “Does this reeeeally work?” A LOT! Way more than we would expect and way more than other, seemingly more obvious, questions.  After putting a little thought into this, we have something for us to explore: What is the essence of why Brand Archetypes works so…

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Burger King Fun … While Waiting in Line

Waiting in a line doesn’t have to be boring.  Burger King, in true form to their Jester Archetype approach to marketing, shows how you can change the game in an unexpected way!  Did they have to do this? Nope.  Does it make the line shorter? Nope. Do you get your food faster? Nope.  HOWEVER ….…

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Bamlanivimab-a-Ding-Dong … I Can’t Pronounce That!

Bamlanivimab - Branding Tip to Avoid a Bad Name

A potentially life-saving pharmaceutical is being developed called — hang on — Bamlanivimab.  Go ahead. Try to say that ten times, fast.  … Give up? BRANDING TIP:  If you took branding shortcuts and came up with a product name that resulted in THIS video? … Well, you might want to re-think your product naming strategy.…

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“Do a Little Good” … It Can Change the World

Change the World - Social Business and Social Entrepreneurship

For several years now I’ve been intrigued by specific social movements in business.  Particularly those that focus their efforts on ideas that will change the world for the better. Probably the best example is the found in the work of Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and his idea of forming the Grameen Bank, as outlined…

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Don’t Explain Your Brand

Don't Explain Your Brand -

Have you ever heard a person tell a joke so poorly they felt the need to explain it, after it fell flat?  Did you notice the explanation did NOT make the joke funnier?  The same holds true for your company.  Don’t explain your brand!  If you need to do that, it’s an indication that you’re…

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Open the Door to Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Few micro, small and medium-sized businesses have gone through a formal process of creating a brand strategy.  Let alone one that will consistently drive their company down a path where they build consistency and power.  Brand awareness is critical to a company that wants to move forward … and not slide backward to their old…

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DIY: How to Cook Bacon … Product Labeling 101

How often do you REALLY read the packaging on the products you buy in a grocery store? You might be surprised to find some interesting ideas for your own products and services! Product labeling 101 would suggest that you creatively differentiate yourself from your competitors. I’m pretty sure this is the best product label from…

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Teaching People How to Say Your Name – Pay Them!

Teaching People How to Say Your Name

While watching this year’s Super Bowl (just for the commercials, of course), I was struck by a commercial by Rakuten.  Never heard of them?  Neither had I.  It wasn’t the production quality or the brand strategy that interested me.  It was the fact that the entirety of the commercial was to teach people how to…

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