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On the McSignpost Up Ahead …

When I started consulting with clients 15 years ago on the topic of logo design (in the context of brand identity), I found that the projects went more smoothly if I taught the client about all that goes into “good” logo design.  The training included things like:

  • Elegant simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Balance of positive/negative space
  • Implied meaning
  • Flexability
  • Use of fundamental shapes

To emphasize the issue of elegant simplicity I would point out that they can drive down the road and see a little yellow curve, peeking through the trees up ahead.  As soon as you see this, you KNOW that it’s a McDonald’s sign and you can immediately start prepping to exit for your next meal.  No, you don’t need to see the whole thing.  THIS is the power of a great logo.

Here we are, a decade and a half later and, apparently, Micky-Ds has found this same awareness and is capitalizing on it in their billboard advertising!  Check it out:

Bravo McDonalds!

A second lesson you can learn from this awesome billboard is;  You don’t have more than a couple of seconds of the viewers attention!  More than just a handful of words on a billboard and the viewer will simply look away.  Three words with no punctuation?  Yep, that works!


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