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Episode 46 – A Hint of Blind Brand Evaluation

hint water company

Happy New Year! Cheers to a new year and hopefully lots of positive changes. We are starting this new year by trying something new. Kevin picked a brand and asked Amy to watch 3 different videos by the Hint Water Company. The videos are embedded below. We suggest you watch them in order. After getting…

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Episode 35 – What is a Brand Ambassador?

brand ambassador. Corporate name tag that reads hello I am Brand Ambassador

What comes to your mind when you hear the term “Brand Ambassador?” A high-level, heavily decorated dignitary? A bartender serving up shots of a new fancy designer liquor to pique your curiosity? Amy envisions a sheriff striding around with a badge that reads BRAND and wielding a very large hat. She almost has Kevin convinced…

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Episode 34 – Personal Branding vs. Corporate Branding

personal branding

A couple of episodes ago we mentioned personal branding. This is a topic worthy of its own episode, so here we are getting personal. People want to know if they should pick an archetype that is close to their personality. This question comes up a lot for solopreneurs or businesses that have a strong spokesperson…

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Episode 33 – Your Brand and That New Car Smell

Your brand

Are you aware of the reputation and “truths” people hold about the industry you work in? Does your brand strategy include ways to manage this, either by using it to your advantage or combatting it? Very few industries have more variations or have reputations that are stronger than car dealerships. Join Kevin and Amy as…

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Episode 32 – Your Brand and Covid-19

YOUR BRAND AND COVID-19. Department store manikin with mask onwith

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These are definitely strange times we are living in and it would be weird if we didn’t talk about how the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has impacted how we are doing business AND how we are marketing our businesses. This is not a political discussion, but rather a look into how businesses are dealing with the…

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Episode 31 – Brand Architecture

brand architecture. young girl stocking colorful blocks

The term “Brand Architecture” refers to how you brand has been built over time. You start with the foundation and go from there. With a large company that has multiple products or services, or even multiple divisions and sub-companies, their brand architecture can look like a sprawling neighborhood or towering skyscraper. Some of the different…

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Episode 30 – Getting Your Brand to Flow Freely

30 - Getting your brand to flow Image of cement hands fountain with water flowing over it

How do you get your brand to flow and click along nicely? Well, it takes lots of work. With most things that seem effortless, there is actually a lot of effort behind the scenes. How much brand effort is going on behind the scenes at your business? Companies and organizations sometimes, simply get stuck (especially…

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Episode 28 – The Dark Side of Brand

Dark side of brand

As the famous Chinese proverb (or curse) says, “May you live in interesting times.” We are definitely living in interesting times. In light of recent injustices and movements like Black Lives Matter, many companies are taking a good, long hard look at their brands to ensure they are not stereotyping or misrepresenting cultures. Many are…

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Episode 27 – Interview with Sonja Markwart, Regent Law

regent law. image of sonja and logo

Join Kevin and Amy as they chat with attorney Sonja Markwart, owner of Regent Law. Sonja has been through the Brand Archetype process and reveals how picking an archetype that was not “typical” for law firms has really helped her brand stand out. Sonja is also one of our favorite students and has competed our…

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