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Episode 51 – Marketing the Hero Archetype

marketing the hero archetype

Continuing on with our series on how to marketing each archetype, we are discussing Marketing the Hero Archetype in this episode. To learn more visit our HERO page on our website. You can also listen to our previous podcast episode which gives an overview of what the Hero is all about. You don’t have to…

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Episode 47 – Branding in the Food Industry

Branding in the Food Industry

This episode is all about branding in the food industry. Not just restaurants, but food products as well. And, as always, Kevin and Amy cover the importance of having a brand focus – ahem – an Archetype. A few things to keep in mind that are SUUUUUUPPPEEERRRRR important for the food industry are: Imagery: You…

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Episode 34 – Personal Branding vs. Corporate Branding

personal branding

A couple of episodes ago we mentioned personal branding. This is a topic worthy of its own episode, so here we are getting personal. People want to know if they should pick an archetype that is close to their personality. This question comes up a lot for solopreneurs or businesses that have a strong spokesperson…

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Episode 25 – Creating a Corporate Culture (Part Two)

creating Company culture part 2. five employees laying in a field with their feet touching to form a star.

Continue with Kevin and Amy as they wrap-up Part Two of Creating a Corporate Culture. Find Part One Here. How linked is your brand to your work environment and culture? If you have never considered this, now is the time to explore how your brand should touch everything you do. The more you live with…

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Episode 23 – Interview with Dana Ritchie, PaladinID CEO


For the first time, Kevin and Amy interview a business owner who has been through the entire Brand Archetype process. Meet Dana Ritchie Dana Ritchie is the owner and CEO of PaladinID in New Hampshire. His company develops and supports high-performance bar code labeling applications. They work with businesses to “Make Your Mark” by providing…

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Episode 21 – The Ruler

The Ruler Archetype

Listen as Kevin and Amy argue over who really is the best. The power struggle is real and only one can come out on top as the supreme Ruler Archetype. The Ruler brand is refined and values the finer things in life. It inspires people to do more, achieve more and create a better life for…

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Episode 19 – The Artist Archetype

The Artist Archetype

Break out your Crayola crayons and glue sticks and get crafty as Kevin and Amy talk about the Artist Archetype. Artist brands are both inspired and inspire others. You bring out the creative side in your clients and those around you. Individuality is high on your priority list! You are the big idea people. Daydreamers.…

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Episode 15 – The Lover Archetype

The Lover Archetype

Things get steamy as Kevin and Amy dive into the passion of the Lover Archetype. Sex sells, but that is not the only thing powers this archetype. Passion for your business, products, and services is the real key! Discover the sizzle and excitement of The Lover Archetype as you explore the strengths, weaknesses and the…

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Episode 14 – The Mother Archetype

The Mother Archetype

The Mother Archetype is one of the easiest to recognize and relate to. It instills feelings of comfort and being cared for. No one supports you and loves you like your mama does! Customer service is crucial to this brand, as is trust and understanding. The energy is low but the love flows freely. This…

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