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Episode 53 – Interview with Moore Life Health and Healing

By Kevin & Amy | March 4, 2021
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moore life

We are very excited to have Drs. Allyson and Ryan Moore from Moore Life Health and Healing on our show today. They have been slaying it as a Magician Archetype in an industry dominated by Mother Archetypes.     Join us as we chat with the good doctors about how they chose their archetype and what they have been doing with it since then. Related: Episode – 18: The Magician Archetype Amy asks a very good question about how much they were taught about marketing and branding in chiropractic school. The answer is (not-surprising) – nothing! This is the case with…

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Episode 52 – Marketing the Jester Archetype

By Kevin & Amy | February 25, 2021
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Marketing the Jester Archetype

Kevin is doing a happy dance today because are talking about Marketing the Jester Archetype. If the 12 archetypes were children and Kevin had to pick his favorite it is definitely The Jester. As we have been saying all along, the key to making any archetype work is to embrace it fully. Kevin definitely lives and breathes the Jester. You won’t find a better expert on all things wacky and zippy. Marketing the Jester Archetype For a deeper dive into exactly what the heck the Jester is all about, including the sub-archetypes, check out THE JESTER page on our website.…

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Episode 51 – Marketing the Hero Archetype

By Kevin & Amy | February 18, 2021
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marketing the hero archetype

Continuing on with our series on how to marketing each archetype, we are discussing Marketing the Hero Archetype in this episode. To learn more visit our HERO page on our website. You can also listen to our previous podcast episode which gives an overview of what the Hero is all about. You don’t have to wear a cape and fly around in tights to be a hero. But you do have to be highly energetic, solve problems, and be a leader. Words for Marketing the Hero Archetype Words Matter with every archetype, and here are some to get you started…

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Episode 50 – What is Your Competition Doing?

By Kevin & Amy | February 11, 2021
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What is Your Competition Doing

Do you pay attention to what your competition is doing with their marketing?  For our frequent listeners, they’ve heard us say over and over that the most important thing you can do is to use an archetype to help you differentiate. But that comment always comes with a caveat:  To evaluate what your competitors are doing and, in some cases, to make your archetype choice so as NOT to go head-to-head with them.  Let’s use an example:  Let’s say we’re talking about a local electrician.  They go through the process of picking an archetype but haven’t finalized their pick. Spending…

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Episode 49 – Branding in the Legal Industry

By Kevin & Amy | February 4, 2021
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The Legal Industry

Once in a while, we discuss an entire industry and the popular brand strategy that it has adopted. Today we’re talking about the Legal Industry. Recently we have covered the Healthcare Industry and the Food Industry if you want to check out those episodes as well.  This isn’t just for attorneys or law firms, it’s also for any related products or services including: paralegals transcription services legal secretarial services legal recruiters compliance services document processing and archival firm administrators court employees clerks judges bounty hunters and more If you’re not in the legal industry, stick with us. We will be…

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Episode 48 – Addressing Negative Comments

By Kevin & Amy | January 21, 2021
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Negative Comments

Wooh. This is a hot topic and negative comments or a bad online review can get you HOT under the collar. Most companies, at some point, will have to deal with an angry customer or internet troll who is ranting about them behind the safety of their keyboard. It’s ok. Take a deep breath. Join Kevin and Amy as they discuss different ways to deal with negative comments about your company while staying on brand and keeping your cool. Some of their tips include: Curating lots of positive reviews so the negative ones get “lost” in the fray Appointing someone…

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Episode 47 – Branding in the Food Industry

By Kevin & Amy | January 14, 2021
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Branding in the Food Industry

This episode is all about branding in the food industry. Not just restaurants, but food products as well. And, as always, Kevin and Amy cover the importance of having a brand focus – ahem – an Archetype. A few things to keep in mind that are SUUUUUUPPPEEERRRRR important for the food industry are: Imagery: You can’t have food without some food porn. Define and Know Your Audience. Yes, everyone eats, but not all food caters to all people. Story Telling. Because everyone eats, creating powerful stories to connect with is a key ingredient in standing out from the competition. Managing…

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Episode 46 – A Hint of Blind Brand Evaluation

By Kevin & Amy | January 7, 2021
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hint water company

Happy New Year! Cheers to a new year and hopefully lots of positive changes. We are starting this new year by trying something new. Kevin picked a brand and asked Amy to watch 3 different videos by the Hint Water Company. The videos are embedded below. We suggest you watch them in order. After getting Amy’s initial reaction, they both share their thoughts on the brand, possible archetypes, and where they think this brand is headed. As always, we’d love to hear what our listeners think of these commercials and the brand elements found in each one. Thanks for listening!…

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Episode 45 – A Christmas Branding Story

By Kevin & Amy | December 24, 2020
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Christmas Branding

Join Kevin and Amy as they discuss favorite Christmas commercials and branding campaigns. They both agree that the longevity and success of Coca-Cola is one of their favorites. Did you know that back in ‘31, Coca-Cola commissioned an illustrator named Haddon Sundblom to make a painting of Santa drinking a coke? Who would have guessed one painting would launch a movement. The iconic red and white Santa suit was first depicted in this drawing and their campaign has forever cemented our idea of Santa with this suit. The red and white was a reflection of the Coke brand and colors.…

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Episode 44 – Interview with Shotwell Rutter Baer

By Kevin & Amy | December 17, 2020
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Shotwell Rutter Baer

Join Kevin and Amy as they interview David Shotwell and Nick Nauta, two financial advisers with the firm Shotwell Rutter Baer, in Lansing Michigan. Learn how they went through the brand archetype process and how it has changed their approaches to marketing and branding. Amy has been working with SRB for a couple of years now. In the beginning, the first step was conducting the Brand Archetype Discovery Process, where the SRB team decided on The Neighbor Archetype. This was very much in-line with their “kitchen table” approach to financial advising. They sit down with people at their kitchen tables…

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