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Episode 61 – Rebranding Tales 2021

Brand Archetypes
Brand Archetypes
Episode 61 - Rebranding Tales 2021

Join Kevin and Amy for another round of evaluating recent rebrand initiatives by well-known companies.

Our listeners have started to get that we will almost always express strong words of caution whenever the topic of “RE-branding” is put on the table. 

Today we have a review of four biggies that have all happened this year.  The words of caution are going to sound familiar but I hope we can also shed a little light on what’s done well — and what’s done NOT so well — with each of these initiatives. 

Join us in discussing Burger King, Pfizer, Kia, and General Motors. We are not holding back in how we feel about these.

The Take-Away:

Don’t make changes to your brand or identity willy nilly. These need to be done strategically. Consider your brand equity… don’t veer too sharply or too drastically.  And, for the love of all that is good in the world, PLEASE don’t switch away from an already built, powerful, emotion-based strategy to something completely different. 

Why? Because it’s a bad idea and it pains us too much to see it happen.  Stay “true to your school” AND your archetype!



Questions? Call us! If any of our listeners know of any other big (recognizable) brands that have made a shift recently, we’d love to hear about it. Don’t be shy! We love this stuff!

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Kevin & Amy

Kevin Skarritt and Amy Zander are the co-creators of the Brand Archetypes podcast and co-authors of the book by the same name. Explore the world of Brand Archetypes and find out how they can transform your company!

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