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Naming a Company

Naming a company can be a painful and laborious process. There is a lot of pressure to secure a good one — and you have to love it because you are going to be saying and writing it many thousands of times for years to come. It’s kind of like naming a child or, to…

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Logo Design

What makes a great logo design? What are some examples of bad logos? What are some of the world’s best logos? Kevin and Amy discuss the fascinating (and often frustrating) world of logo design. We cover topics such as: The three basic types of logos (see the “Logos 101” file in the resources section below)…

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Brand vs. Identity

Kevin and Amy discuss the often confused terms of Brand vs. Identity. For the purpose of clarity, Brand Archetypes defines these two terms as follows: Brand: The powerful and emotional way that your business connects with clients, customers, fans, followers, and your own team. Emotion is the key element in any great brand. Without it,…

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