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Episode 24 – Creating a Corporate Culture (Part One)

Brand Archetypes
Brand Archetypes
Episode 24 - Creating a Corporate Culture (Part One)

Your Archetype should be a HUGE part of your corporate culture. Once you decide on an archetype and a brand, now what do you do with it? Building a great brand does not happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to take years either.

Join Kevin and Amy as they explore how they help clients instill the brand into their company. The key is to start RIGHT AWAY and be very consistent. Is it important to get every employee and team member on board and up to speed.

The beauty of basing your brand on an archetype is that is razor focuses your marketing on what ARE going to talk about. But is also eliminates everything you are NOT going focus on. In some ways, this is even more help. The more consistent you can be with your message the more powerful your brand is.

The only question you have to ask yourself is, “Is this <insert archetype here> enough?”

For example, let’s say you have chosen The Hero archetype and you are creating a new brochure. When you write the copy ask yourself, “Do these words convey Hero emotions?” When you select the images for the brochure, ask yourself, “Are these images Hero-like?” “Are the fonts and colors you are using on par with being a Hero?”

You will know the answers right away because you already know what a hero is. It really is that simple.

Now, listen to this episode for ideas on how to get started and what to tackle first.

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Kevin & Amy

Kevin Skarritt and Amy Zander are the co-creators of the Brand Archetypes podcast and co-authors of the book by the same name. Explore the world of Brand Archetypes and find out how they can transform your company!

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