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Episode 26 – Branding Fails

branding fails. Yellow road sign that reads "oops" in front of a cemetary

Branding Fails. They happen and can be quite funny (when they don’t happen to us!) Join Kevin and Amy as they discuss some of their favorite branding fails including examples of: Too big of a change from the past Not enough research into the outcome Veering WAYYYY off the rails Not being sensitive to how…

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Episode 25 – Creating a Corporate Culture (Part Two)

creating Company culture part 2. five employees laying in a field with their feet touching to form a star.

Continue with Kevin and Amy as they wrap-up Part Two of Creating a Corporate Culture. Find Part One Here. How linked is your brand to your work environment and culture? If you have never considered this, now is the time to explore how your brand should touch everything you do. The more you live with…

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Episode 24 – Creating a Corporate Culture (Part One)

company culture. many hands joined together in a circle for team work.

Your Archetype should be a HUGE part of your corporate culture. Once you decide on an archetype and a brand, now what do you do with it? Building a great brand does not happen overnight, but it doesn’t have to take years either. Join Kevin and Amy as they explore how they help clients instill…

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