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Episode 58 – Marketing the Outlaw Archetype

Marketing the Outlaw Archetype

Amy is so excited for today! Her favorite: Marketing the Outlaw Archetype, and the one that represents her company Zeedia Media.  Today’s podcast is for all you rebellious, contrarian, authority-questioners… for all you radical, free-spirited, wind-in-the-hair types!  The Outlaw is also commonly referred to as The Rebel.  The following are the most critical aspects of…

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Episode 12 – The Outlaw (or Rebel) Archetype

The Outlaw Archetype

The Outlaw Archetype doesn’t do anything in a traditional way. But it’s not all about bikers and criminals and being in your face. Well, maybe a little in your face. Remember, Robin Hood was an Outlaw too! Find out what makes Amy’s company, Zeedia Media the outlaw that is going to tempt you to elevate your…

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