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76 – Branding Prep for the New Year

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Brand Archetypes
Brand Archetypes
76 - Branding Prep for the New Year

Every year we hear about some clients who go into Holiday sales frantic mode (restaurants, retail, etc.), and some clients who go completely silent (career counselors, fitness coaches, etc.).

Regardless of what happens to your particular business, we know that this time of the year has its unique challenges … and, most of us start planning for a big surge come January to ring in the new year, make up for shortfalls, or just follow through on our business’ new year’s resolutions.

Find out what Amy and Zeedia Media do this time of year to prep for next year. 

Kevin and Amy offer up the following advice for preparing your brand for the next year.

  1. Take our FREE Brand Archetypes Questionnaire and find out which archetype you are.
  2. Set up a Brand Review process if you haven’t already.
  3. Review your SOPs and Systems in place for your reviews.
  4. Complete a Brand Review from the last year. Look at everything you produced, printed, audio, and digital and determine if it was on brand.
  5. Create a Media Calendar
  6. Have monthly team brainstorming sessions regarding your brand.
  7. Discuss your company culture with your team in regards to being “on brand” in EVERYTHING you do.


  • If you’re struggling with your New Year marketing planning or feel you need a little help with your brand, of course, feel free to reach out to us with questions.  We’d be glad to help.
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Marketing Mayhem

Check out this Ad that Kevin and Amy discuss on this week’s Marketing Mayhem

Marketing Mayhem


Note from the hosts:
While processing the audio for this podcast, it dawned on me that hearing us laugh in the context of the horrible idea of wife-beating might be construed as insensitive.  This is certainly not what either of us would want.  Our laughter was purely targeting the outrageousness of this old advertisement.

Kevin & Amy

Kevin Skarritt and Amy Zander are the co-creators of the Brand Archetypes podcast and co-authors of the book by the same name. Explore the world of Brand Archetypes and find out how they can transform your company!

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