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Episode 56 – HA! GOTCHA! – April Fool’s Branding Pranks

Brand Archetypes
Brand Archetypes
Episode 56 - HA! GOTCHA! - April Fool's Branding Pranks

Do you know the history of April Fools Day?  Well, there isn’t a definitive story on the origins of this event.  Some say it’s somehow related to a papal bull by Pope Gregory XIII changed, by decree, the first day of the year from late March/early April, to January 1st.  Supposedly, the people who didn’t make the shift were mocked and pranked … sometimes finding a dead fish in a package sent to them…. Hence, “April Fish!”. Check out the full story here. 

Kevin regales us with a few of his wife, Francie’s, epic April Fool’s jokes she has played on him over the years. He’s so gullible.

Below are the links to the Branding pranks we talked about in the episode. We’d love to hear how your company embraced this fun day and what you have done. Drop us a line at

Best Branding Pranks


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